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Free Reports for Business
by Gary Lockwood

The following articles were written for CEOs, business owners, free agents, entrepreneurs,and professionals. I hope these articles will be a catalyst for getting breakthroughs in your enterprise.

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New Got Referrals?
What would your business be like if your current customers were enthusiastically rounding up prospective customers for you? You can achieve your professional goals faster and easier through effectively targeting referrals. Like most worthwhile endeavors, getting recommendations requires planning and preparation. This article shows you how to get more and better referrals.

Your Personal Strategic Plan
The world has become a complicated place in which to live. A personal strategic plan can help you get clarity and focus on your own preferred future. This article shows you how to create your Personal Strategic Plan.

The Rainmaker
Many successful business professionals routinely take positive action to create opportunities for new business. More clients, more revenue, better client relationships and happier employees are just a few of the advantages you'll realize when you take business-building action for your enterprise.

Breakthrough Strategies for Your Business
While business people generally expect they will take more time off and worry less about money as their business grows, they currently work long hours, spend little time with family and suffer from dangerously high levels of stress. Successful business people "break through" existing boundaries and move their business and their lives to a higher level. This article reveals six Breakthrough Strategies to achieve a quantum leap - extraordinary breakthroughs - in your business and personal life.

Developing Your Verbal Logo
What do you say when someone asks, “What do you do?” In this faced-paced, mile-a-minute world, you have only a few seconds to get your message across. Mini-messages are ideal for networking meetings, trade shows, interviews, investor meetings, sales calls or anytime where you need to quickly promote your business.

The Tank's on Empty
Having a full tank of gas in your vehicle is very similar to having reserves for yourself. When you are running on "empty" with regard to time, money, space, love, faith, and so on, you will feel the same negative emotions you feel when driving with an empty gas tank. Stop the anxiety. Build reserves of all the things you need in your life.

Take a Hike!
When we think of secrets to business success, we generally include things like vision, perseverance, creativity, and so on. I want you to add physical health to the list. You can increase your well-being, jump-start your days, boost your confidence, turbocharge your creativity, and knock down stress by exercising consistently.

Winners and Losers
We frequently hear people being labeled as winners or losers. We seem to instinctively know the difference. In this article, we explore the essence of character that distinguishes the winners from the losers.

Write This Article!
How would you like a steady stream of prospective clients to call and write to you, asking for your services? One of the most common reasons cited by buyers for contacting a specific provider is "I've read her articles". By writing an article about your field of specialty, your credibility will soar.

How to Ask Intelligent Questions With Impact
How would you like a magic way to influence people to do whatever you want them to do? There are thousands of examples to prove that asking good questions is one of the most important success secrets. When you ask wise questions, others will applaud your insight and your understanding, even when they are doing most of the talking.


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